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The sports equipment can be booked either through the travel agent who issued the ticket or through our web site, or it can be paid at airport.

Yes, but the following conditions should be considered: a-  It must be enclosed in a safe cage.  
 b-   It must not exceed 5 kilos in total ( pet + cage )    
c- It must have health certificates and vaccination according to the arrival country.
  d-   The cage must have normal size, so it can be place under or between seats.
 E-  In case of a dog, it must not be any kind of wild races. 

No , you are not allowed to book online . kindly refer to our GSA Office .

yes, you can book on regular flight only and that from our website

The rate of extra kilo for additional weight is depending on route of the flight .

Please note that the payment methods are Visa , Master Card ,Fawry or Knet service
Please contact us through our website or through our office
Yes please check from our website
While booking from our website please follow the steps that will be sent to your e-mail to pay.
The booking must be :
- From a computer
- Pre-travel 72 hours
- Currency in Egyptian pound
kinldy you can follow us on:
Social Media  : air_cairo
Facebook :Air Cairo
Instgaram : Air Cairo 
Twitter : air_cairo

kindly note we do not have domestic flights
Yes, The price varies according to the service fees approved by each office

Before the flight by 24 hours, while in the case of payment by Fawrey it must be before the trip by 73 hours

It is not allowed on our website 
It is done while booking on our website
you have to check with the office or send to
yes you can in the same date of issue only  you booked the flight from the office which you booked the ticket from . 
you must have a hard copy with you at the airport
yes you can fill the charter request on our website

Yes,you can change the country from our home page on our official website which will change to the currency automatically that you want to use/ pay with. 

Full Name as in the passport,Telephone number and E-mail.

The difference is in the price only, noting that the services are available for all prices

You have to check the website

you have to check the website

Yes,you  have to check our official website to confirm on your ticket date and flight time .

Yes,and for more information you have to check Air Cairo nearest office.

Kindly note 
30 k + 7 k for the Schedule  flights  and  for Charter flights 20 k + 5 k 

kindly note there is no baggage allowance for the infant except the baby stroller which is free .

Yes , allowed to child baggage allowance same like adult passenger . 

kindly note you can not mix /add both together .

Yes,you can only have the laptop in the 7 k .

you have to make a claim at the airport and the consider department will follow up with you.

it is preferred to be only one baggage 

Yes, you can  follow us on our official  website

kindly accept our apology we do not have cargo service.

Please follow /collect all data concerning the travel of pregnant women from our website.There must  be  an approved document by the doctor that allow her to travel.

please send a complaint to

we have 8 aircrafts airbus 320

kindly note it is not allowed.

you have to check the website to know the available services.

kindly accept our apology , It is not allowed .

You can book a maximum of 9 seats in one booking (adults and children included), excluding infants.

Number of Infants is related to the number of responsible adults in the same reservation
example: If you book two adults you can book up to two infants.

The credit card holder must be one of the travelers in each online booking considering that if the customer failed to present the card used for purchasing the ticket(s) during check-in time, Air Cairo has the right to deny passenger boarding. 

No, the refund must be done to the same credit card used for payment at the time of booking 

Reservation cancellation process takes no longer than 3 working days, however bank procedures takes at least three weeks to refund the money back to the passengers’ bank account.

30 kilos in one piece + 7 kilos in hand bag for the regular flight /20 kilos in one piece + 5 kilos in hand bag for the charter flight

Depending on the ticket fare basis and condition available in “PURCHASE CONDITIONS” 


Our occupation profiles will even allow you the opportunity to find local earnings and jobprospect information

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Our Offices

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You can use this form to request a refund for any ticket purchased from The refund amount youre due is outlined in the fare conditions given to you when you made the booking Please note that all refunds are subject to a refund fee per passenger based on fare conditions Once youve submitted this form your booking will be cancelled.

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